Fresh Flower Arrangements:
(Baskets, vases, or other containers... add water daily.)
$35 and up Funeral Arrangements:
(Table-top arrangements generally placed away from casket... in smoking or visitation area.)
$40 and up
Floor Plants:
(Individually potted, two to three feet and taller, in decorative basket.)
$45 and up Traditional Basket:
(3-4 foot fan of flowers displayed in 12" x 6" basket with handle attatched)
$75 and up
Snack & Candy baskets:
(Assortment of practical, edible munchies.)
$40 and up Standing spray:
(Arrangement displayed on wire easel.)
$100 and up
Fruit baskets:
(All baskets include oranges and assorted candies, snacks, crackers,  etc. depending on size.)
$40 and up Balloon arrangements
(Made to order)
$40 and up
Gourmet baskets:
(Some fruit basket items plus non-perishable gourmet items.)
$45 and up Mylar Balloons
(Average lifespan: 5-8 days)
$6.95 each
Loose cut flowers wrapped in cellophane:
(cellophane wrapped bouquet)
$35 and up Latex Balloons
(Average lifespan: 12-24 hours)
$1.75 each
Dish gardens:
(multiple plants in single container, various sizes)
$45 and up Delivery in Pittsburgh
Dependant on Zip Code
European Garden Baskets
(Individual plant pots placed in larger basket with decorative mossed finish)
$50 and up    
Table plants
Silk arrangements:
(Made to order)
$35 and up    

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